Raven Fabrication Exhaust Backpressure Damper Kit

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Monitoring exhaust backpressure is one of the most useful things you can do on a turbocharged engine.

Exhaust backpressure, also known as E-Map, allows you to monitor for boost leaks, wastegate problems, turbo problems, how well your turbine housing/wheel is sized for what your setup, and allows you to monitor when the turbo is maxed out (if you know what you’re looking for).

Unfortunately, doing so is difficult to do cleanly and easily. Because of the heat and exhaust pulses present in an exhaust system, you need to use a reasonable section of coiled hard line between the exhaust and the sensor to protect it from the heat.  This is both inconvenient and hard to do cleanly. In addition, doing things this way will get you a very rough signal, as the exhaust pulses will make it very difficult to make useful without very heavy filtering in the logging software. Filtering also causes delays, which you don’t want.

This kit allows a clean and simple install, with good heat protection for the sensor, and by dampening the pulsations, a smooth exhaust backpressure signal.

This kit is able to be taken apart and cleaned or serviced. 

The sensor port on the damper is 1/8” NPT and any absolute pressure sensor will work.