2g DSM Side Mount Intercooler Group Buy

Regular price $600.00

2g Big SMIC Intercooler, bolt-on, US Made core, US Built Fabrication for 2g DSMs


This does not include any piping kit.

Inspired by this thread: https://www.dsmtuners.com/threads/who-wants-a-big-smic-gauging-interest.531296/


We will build these in batches of 20+.


Buying this gets your spot for the intercooler. We do not buy materials/cores until we have 20 orders. If we don't get 20 orders within a reasonable time, we will either build the intercoolers if we are close to 20, or refund everyone. 

Batch 1 Progress:

  • Design Product <=---- We are here. We have a 2g car that we are mocking up on. Will post progress pics on the DsmTuners thread above.
  • Build
  • Ship to Customers